Tools and Materials for Home-Study of Sanskrit 

The American Sanskrit Institute
A non-academic institution offering weekend and residential immersion courses

California Institute of Integral Studies
The Asian & Comparatives Studies Program is distinctive in regarding spiritual discovery and practice as indispensable adjuncts to academic study. In today's multicultural and interrelated world, it is crucial that we find ways to foster knowledge of and respect for diverse worldviews of religion and culture. In the Asian & Comparative Studies Program, students study several of the world's major religious traditions, examining sacred texts and writings, practices and disciplines, and sociocultural issues. Language study and research methods complete the curriculum. The program is distinctive regarding spiritual discovery and practice as indispensable adjuncts to academic study. In addition to Institute faculty, students have access to lectures, workshops, and trainings by the many Eastern and Western teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Devanagari Script
Learn the Devanagari script used for writing Hindi and Sanskrit.

Intelligent Internet Ready Languages
Version 2 uses Indian languages to exchange e-mail and fax messages, present web pages, and perform desktop publishing.

Mailing List to Learn Sanskrit:  
Learn Sanskrit through simple e-mails! Samskrita Bharati has set-up a new mailing list called "sanskrit" to assist in the learning of Sanskrit through simple sentences. This is a moderated list meant to promote conversational Sanskrit. Each day, five simple Sanskrit sentences, and their translated meanings, are mailed to list subscribers. To subscribe please send an e-mail to:,with "subscribe sanskrit" written in the body of the message.

Samskrita Bharati's Home Page
Speak Sanskrit Movement: A Movement for social change through Sanskrit. Started as an experiment in 1981 in Bangalore to bring back Sanskrit into daily life.
Web-based Sanskrit learning site.

Sanskrit Declensions (Site in German)

Samskrit Education Society, Chennai
In these pages you will find information relating to Sanskrit and also a set of basic lessons to learn the language through self study.

Sanskrit Grammarian
Declension site run by Gérard Huet.

Sanskrit Library
Maintained by Peter M. Scharf, Brown University.

Sanskrit on the Radio
Within its Hindi Programme Deutsche Welle opens fortnightly a very special window: the Sanskrit-Programme. This 13 minute programme in the ancient Indian language is unique. Deutsche Welle is the only international broadcasting station outside India to broadcast in Sanskrit. The programme reports on developments and research in Indology-Studies as well as on the results of big international Sanskrit-conferences.

Sanskrit Tutor
Sanskrit Tutor is based on the Level 1 Sanskrit course taught by Dr. Sarasvati Mohan of the Sanskrit Academy. This course has been student tested for 30 years as a tool for teaching Sanskrit. Seth Craighead, an advanced student of the Sanskrit Academy, has combined years of software engineering experience with an interest in Sanskrit to produce this easy to use educational software. The first lesson introduces students to the Devanagari script by showing how to write each character while playing its sound. Once the students master this, they progress on to pronunciation exercises, which teach them how to combine consonants and vowels to form Sanskrit words. The copying exercises also strengthen their ability to write in Sanskrit. These exercises form the foundation for learning Sanskrit, Hindi, and other Northern Indian languages which use the Devanagari script. This program can be used by children as young as 5 to learn at their own pace.

Sanskrit Word Declensions
This is a set of qdatr files used for forming Sanskrit word declensions. The distribution of the qdatr program for standalone dos systems is best picked up from the source at: Software related to DATR.

The Titus Project

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