Saule Batayeya

Lecturer in Kazakh

Certificate for Materials Development, CARLA, University of Minnesota, 2013
B.A. [5 year program], Philosophy and Sociology, Rostov State University (now Southern Federal University), Russia, 1988

Prior to coming to UW-Madison Saule Batayeva taught Kazakh and ESL at language centers in Kazakhstan, as well as sociology, philosophy, cultural studies, and ethnicities at the University of Zhezkazgan, Zhetysu, and at Kazakh State University of World Languages and International Relations. She is interested in innovative methods and new approaches in foreign language instruction. Her present focus is on applying new methodologies to the teaching of Kazakh as a foreign language, including through distance education. Currently, she is writing interactive oral-proficiency materials for first year Kazakh. She is an active participant in language events at UW-Madison, and in Central Eurasian Studies Society conferences. Her recent publications include:

  • - “National identification problems in Kazakhstan”, Conference on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of I. Zhansugurov, Taldykorgan (2004), pp. 345-347.
  • - “In search of harmony”, newspaper article in Ogni Alatau (1 March 2005) about religious question in Kazakhstan
  • - Translation into Kazakh of “The Birth of Tragedy or Hellenic Pessimism” by Friedrich Nietzsche, Cultural legacy series, Almaty: Zhazushy (2006), pp. 238-307.
  • - Translation into Kazakh of the poem “Volta” by Richard Berengarten, The International Literary Quarterly (Issue 9, November 2009),