Professor Uli Schamiloglu

1254 Van Hise Hall
+1 (608) 262 7141
Columbia University
Ph. D.
Specialties/Research Interests: 

Central Asian Studies; Kazak, Tatar, Uzbek; historical and modern Turkic languages; Turkic philology; Turkic historical and comparative linguistics; medieval/modern social, economic, and intellectual history of Eurasia; cultural history of Central Asia.

Current Projects: 

Book: Introduction to Turkic Historical and Comparative Linguistics; Book: Turkic and Tatar Thought in the Liberal Age.

Recent Publications: 

The Golden Horde: Economy, Society, and Civilization in Western Eurasia, Thirteenth-Fourteenth Centuries (in press).

“Ictihad or Millet?: Reflections on Bukhara, Kazan, and the Legacy of Russian Orientalism”, Reform Movements and Revolutions in Turkistan (1900-1924). Studies in Honour of Osman Khoja, ed. Timur Kocaoglu (Haarlem: SOTA, 2001), pp. 347-36.

“Tatarskiy mejdunarodnïy universitet”, trans. Damir Isxakov, Zvezda Povolj’ya (Kazan, August 30, 2001)

“An Agenda for Research on the Golden Horde” (to appear in Russian), Proceedings of the First Symposium on the Sources for the History of the Golden Horde (in press).

“The New World and its Impact on Turkic Lexicon and Culture”, Tyurkskaya i smejnaya leksikologiya i leksikografiya. Sbornik k 70 letiyu K. Musaeva (in press).

“Turkic Calques in Slavic: The Legacy of the Golden Horde”, Altayskie yazïki i vostoçnaya filologiya. Sbornik k 80-letiyu E.R. Tenisheva (in press).

“We Are Not Tatars! The Invention of a Bulgar Identity” (in press).

“The Rise of the Ottoman Empire? Observations on the Black Death in Medieval Anatolia and its Impact on Turkish Civilization” (in press).